Kofi Kingston Just Set A New WWE Record!!!

Kofi Kingston has officially broken a WWE record. The record break took place on Tuesday, where Kingston cemented himself in history as most days spent as a tag team champion in WWE history. Congratulations!

Impressive Tag Team History

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Kofi Kingston was successful in the tag team division before the New Day; with tag title runs with R-Truth, Evan Bourne, and CM Punk. Before joining the New Day, Kofi enjoyed 11 tag team championship reigns.

Despite being employed by the WWE for a long time, the record breaker is impressing. Most WWE superstars go their entire career without setting a record like this one. So, it should feel nice for Kofi to get such an achievement under his belt.

Big E Congratulates His Tag Team Partner

It is only natural that such an achievement gets some reaction from his tag team partners. Twitter fanatic Big E took to social media almost immediately and congratulated his friend with the following message.

“(Kofi) has the most days as a tag team champion in the history of WWE. Never failed a drug test. Never had a brush with the law. Always a professional to the highest degree. Give this man his flowers while he can still smell them.” – Big E

The New Day would not be the New Day without some comedy, so Kofi promptly responded to the Big E’s tweet with some humor of his own.

“I will gladly accept all flowers given to me. Blue Bonnets are out of season, but hydrangeas will do just fine.” – Kofi Kingston

Kofi thanked his previous tag partners them in a separate tweet.

The Future of the New Day

When mentioning Kofi’s achievement, it is certainly a good idea to mention the New Day too. The tag team is set for the Hall of Fame as it is, and their success is showing no signs of slowing down.

The future is looking rosy for the New Day too. Crowned again as SmackDown’s tag team champions, it seems like nothing is stopping the favorite tag team. Even though it looked like the tag team were put on the background a little since their first major success, the team keeps managing to break out and impress the WWE Universe. Whether they put up exciting matches or Tweet something ridiculous such as physically fighting a hurricane while being bored, always expect the unexpected with the New Day!

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