John Cena Unveils The Powerful “SIXTH MOVE OF DOOM”!

John Cena Lands Big Movie Role

John Cena has been using his signature moves (Five Moves Of Dome) for a long time and hardly ever introduces something new. You’ve seen it a thousand times (shoulder tackle, shoulder tackle, duck the punch, Emerald Flowsion, five knuckle shuffle, AA)

However, John Cena introduced a new finisher in a non-televised WWE show in Shanghai. Fortunately, John Cena sees the humor in it all. Before presenting his new finisher during a house show, Cena referred that adding the finisher would give him “Six Moves of Doom.” You have to love that sense of humor and the fact he does not take himself too seriously!

The Lightning Fist

John Cena introduced a new finisher in his arsenal during a house show in China, which took place last year on Sunday, September 2. He showcased the new finisher during a Six Man Tag Team Match alongside Finn Balor and Bobby Lashley and against Elias, Jinder Mahal, and Baron Corbin.

Unfortunately, Elias was at the receiving end of the new finisher. First, he received an Attitude Adjustment. Then, Elias got a Lightning Fist, which was nothing more than a fist to the face. Still, it was unusual to see Cena use anything else than his signature five moves.


The Origins of the Lightning Fist

John Cena

Jackie Chan and his stunt team allegedly have something to do with the new Cena finisher. In a Tweet, Cena thanks the Jackie Chan Stunt Team for teaching him Ba ji quan. Ba ji quan (or Bajiquan) is a Chinese martial art that emphasizes short explosive strikes.

The Cena Transformation

John Cena

Cena’s new finisher was not the only thing that is being talked about. John’s new look was another point of discussion. Cena has been training hard for a movie role over the past couple of months, and it shows.

Cena introduced his new finisher in Shanghai and the finisher itself certainly has a Chinese tinge to it. He was even learning Chinese.

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