Impact & WWE Officials Held A Secret Meeting Last Week

Impact Wrestling and WWE officials held a meeting at the WWE’s headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut. Mike Johnson reported the meeting at PW Insider and confirmed further by numerous WWE insiders. The meeting between officials is also said to have involved Triple H.

The Reason for the Meeting

While it is known that the meeting took place, the reason for the meeting is not. One source in the WWE claims that both companies met to discuss both promotions as a whole; this opposed to addressing a specific topic. However, when Impact Wrestling was contacted for comment, officials refused to give a statement. Naturally, this leads some people to believe there is much more to the meeting than meets the eye.

Speculation and Rumors

Since Impact Wrestling refused to comment on the meeting, people have started speculating on the nature of the meeting. There are plenty of theories online, and here are some of them.

Chris Jericho

LOS ANGELES, CA – OCTOBER 24: Chris Jericho hosts the Loudwire Music Awards at The Novo by Microsoft on October 24, 2017, in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Harmony Gerber/Getty Images)

One of the rumors is that Impact Wrestling has met the WWE regarding Chris Jericho. Jericho has shown interest in an Impact Wrestling appearance, even though it is believed he is still under contract with the WWE. If Impact is considering adding Jericho to their roster temporally, it is possible they must discuss this with the WWE first.

Streaming Rights

Another talking subject during this meeting could have been streaming rights. The WWE has obtained footage from Impact Wrestling for the WWE Network before, and since the company has obtained more of Impact’s stars recently, they might obtain some footage of these new additions before Impact Wrestling puts their price up too much.

AJ Heading to Impact Hall of Fame

Styles spent the bulk of his career Impact Wrestling, just like his current rival Samoa Joe. Styles’ career has skyrocketed since his arrival in the WWE, so Impact Wrestling could be looking to induct Styles in their Hall of Fame. Since Styles is currently signed to the WWE, they may need to discuss the details.


Impact Wrestling fans were in an uproar about the meeting because they believed the WWE might be buying out Impact Wrestling, much like what happened with WCW and ECW.

Despite the worries of Impact fans, I do not believe there is anything to worry about. As reported, Vince McMahon was not present during the meeting, Triple H was. If there was talk of a company takeover, I am pretty sure Vince would have been present.

Wait and See

We are in the dark at the moment about the subject of the meeting, but I am sure we will get some additional information soon. If Impact is set to cooperate with the WWE, I am sure we will hear about it soon.

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