Did John Cena Just Retire?

Worrying news for John Cena fans across the world, because the WWE superstar might be considering retirement. The speculation began after John released a cryptic Tweet, indicating his time in the wrestling ring may be coming to an end.

The Tweet in Question

Cena’s tweet seems to indicate he may be quitting professional wrestling. However, WWE booked Cena for Australia’s Super Show-Down, so if he is retiring, he will at least appear for that event.

If Cena does retire, I do not think we won’t ever see him in the ring again. He might go the same way the Rock did, gracing us occasionally with a fun appearance during significant events such as WrestleMania. Still, I will be sad to see Cena go.

Focusing on Hollywood

Even though  John Cena is not one of the youngest wrestlers, he can still hold his own in the ring. He is in excellent physical shape, so he could continue his wrestling career for quite some time to come. Is his reason for retirement focused on Hollywood? If Cena has his heart set on becoming big in Hollywood, his current schedule may not allow him to commit to wrestling anymore.

The New Cena?

Despite all the speculation about his career in wrestling and Hollywood, it is clear we see a change in John Cena. Whether or not it has to do with losing his fiance Nikki Bella, John seems to have missed that spark he once had.

Fans were shocked by Cena’s transformation for a movie role a couple of months ago. Some even claimed John Cena took the breakup badly, causing him to lose a considerable amount of weight. Of course, this is all speculation, but nobody can deny there is something just not right about John these days.

If John Cena is considering retirement soon, I wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors. He has become one of the most successful wrestlers in the history of the business. Whatever his vision for the future, I am sure he will tackle it with his “never give up” attitude.

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