Carmella Has a Shocking New Hairdo!

When thinking about the Princess of Staten Island, the first things that come to mind are her blond locks and extensions. However, Carmella has now changed her recognizable looks to something completely different!

New Look Spotted During Mixed Tag Team Challenge

Carmella sported her new hairdo for the first time during a Mixed Tag Team Challenge video. The reveal certainly put social media on fire, as fans could not wait to discuss while Carmella had undergone such a drastic hair change!

The Reason for Carmella’s Change

Despite changing her locks dramatically, a brief promotional video made it clear that Carmella could be turning babyface. Of course, she might just have changed her look so R-Truth would not confuse her for Maryse.

When asked in an interview about the new look, the Princess of Staten Island declared she “just wanted a change”; this was all the detail the WWE Universe received about Mella’s new hairstyle.

Her hairstyle is her choice, and I don’t think brown looks all that bad on her. Of course, it will take some time getting used to, since we all know Mella as a blonde.

WWE Can Request Superstars to Change Their Hairstyle and Color!

The WWE can request its superstars to change their hair color and their hairstyle, a fact that we all witnessed when Eva Marie was asked to go from brunette to blonde. She would later change her mind and go to fiery red. Since the WWE requested brown, she did have to answer for her actions to management at the time.

So, Carmella’s hair color change could be down to personal preference or could be by request of the WWE. It is more likely a request by the WWE. The company does not like its stars to change their hairstyles and colors on a whim due to merchandise and press materials. The only reasons why they would ask someone to modify their hair is to stand out more from fellow superstars. For example, Eva Marie could not be a brunette because of the Bella Twins. If there is a similar reason for Carmella’s change, I have no idea.

The Hair Extension Revolution!

Despite her shocking hair color change, Carmella is still very much a member of the extension revolution, a funny nickname that was given when female WWE stars all started using extensions. While this has reduced over the years, Mella is still a heavy extension user, something that is quite noticeable when looking at the volume and shape of her hair.

Using extensions as a wrestler is not that straightforward though, especially since they can come out during matches. This could also be one of the reasons why many female superstars have now stopped wearing them.

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