Booker T Reveals Where He Got His Signature Catch Phrase From

It is one of the most iconic catch-phrases in wrestling. Booker T’s signature button on anything he says is one of the most oft-repeated phrases in wrestling.


He used it when he was coming up in Harlem Heat, then used it during his fantastic title and run at the top in WCW. It is his signature right next to “Five Time, Five Time, Five Time, Five Time, Five Time!” and even “Schuky Ducky Quack Quack.” Booker’s unique style and verbiage have made him a beloved wrestler for nearly 30 years. But where did he get it? The answer will probably not surprise you and will be a great treat for those of us who love the 70s “Blaxploitation” films

Via WrestlingInc.

 “All those Shaft movies, that I watched, Richard Roundtree, he was badass. Do you know what I mean? He didn’t take [any] s–t from [anybody] and I wanted to be like Shaft. That’s where ‘can you dig it, sucka?’ came from, me watching those movies.” Booker added, “and for me, I always knew my role.”

Booker’s has never hidden or run away from his African-American identity. He’s done so without descending too far into offensive stereotypes. Booker has always forged his own identity. I mean, the whole “KING BOOKAH” persona is perhaps that most random and “so weird and bad it is good” gimmicks in modern wrestling history, right?

Booker has a long and distinguished wrestling career. Sure he has a few regrets, but it is hard to find a more influential and respected guy in this business. 

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