Are These Legends Returning For SmackDown 1000?

The WWE is planning big things for the 1000th episode of SmackDown Live! Even though the detailed plans are kept on the down-low at the moment, there is a lot of speculation about some returning WWE legends and superstars. So, for those of you who cannot contain their excitement, here is an overview of the legends who are rumored to return at the 1000th SmackDown Live Episode.

Kurt Angle

Even though Kurt Angle has lost his RAW general manager position, albeit temporarily, fans would love to see him in the ring again. It seems like we might get our wish though, as the WWE announced a potential dream match for the 1000th episode of SmackDown Live, where Kurt Angle takes on Daniel Bryan.

As is the case with all the dream matches announced on the WWE’s social media, we are currently unsure if it is sheer speculation or an actual teaser for things to come. However, the match is more likely than some of the others that are rumored to happen.


The rumor that Batista is returning to the WWE has been circulating for two years, yet we are still waiting. Last time Batista returned, WWE booked him poorly, leading to an adverse reaction and acrimonious departure. Hopefully, things will be different if Batista returns to the WWE for the 1000th SmackDown Live episode.

If Batista does make his return, may take on Samoa Joe; this according to the social media announcement of the WWE. Joe is heel at the moment, but still quite loved by the crowd. So, we will have to wait and see who the crowd will back if the match takes place.

Rey Mysterio

Mysterio has re-signed with the WWE and was expected to return in November. However, with the potential match announcement of the WWE, it appears the company is pitting him against AJ Styles.

I am not going to lie, a match between Rey and AJ is an absolute dream for me. If this match takes place, it might be the best match of the year for me personally. Still, I am waiting for the WWE to crush my dreams once more, so this match better be happening now!

If Rey Mysterio does make his return, a comeback for Batista is more likely too. The two are vast friends, ever since they both wrestled for the WWE. So, it could be a case of where you see one; you will see the other?

Michelle McCool

Michelle McCool, a.k.a. Misses Undertaker, could also be returning for the 1000th episode of SmackDown Live.


The last special appearance teased by the WWE is that of the APA. While I am not the biggest fan of JBL as a person, I do love the APA. If they make their return at the 1000th episode of SmackDown Live, they will be facing the Bar.

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