All The Ways Jeff Hardy Almost Died In His Hell In A Cell Match

Jeff Hardy's WWE Status

Noted Deathwish-Dreamer Jeff Hardy faced off against Randy Orton inside Hell In A Cell. Considering Jeff’s literal broken state and his proclivity for doing crazy, dangerous stunts, fans were making peace with this being the end for the Charismatic Enigma.


And the fans weren’t disappointed…Jeff wasted little time in throwing caution and his body into the cell.


Oh, look, a ladder.


Then Randy found a screwdriver….


Forget the blood, forget the jumps, THAT is the craziest thing I’ve ever seen Jeff Hardy do. Even the following Swanton¬†onto a chair onto Orton wasn’t as stupid.¬† Jeff continued to up the ante to take out Orton. He set up two ladders and grabbed the roof of the Cell. NO NO NO NON ON ONO!!!

Randy moved out of the way and then slid over to Hardy to grab the pin. Jeff was taken out of the arena on a stretcher with a neck brace. Gnarly stuff. I expect Jeff will take some time off and heal. Or you know…jump off the Titantron onto Randy Tuesday on SmackDown.

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