Will Reigns-Lesnar IV Be A Total Disaster? We Discuss

The saga continues! The build-up to Summerslam has been intense, and the crowd has officially turned on Lesnar. Who will come out victorious? Let’s see what our team has to say!


Everyone knows I am sick and tired of the whole Lesnar thing. Even though the WWE is now trying to capitalize on that hate, it is too little too late in my opinion. At this point, he is just waiting out his suspension with the UFC, so why should we care?

Despite the tediousness of the entire storyline, there could be some exciting developments during the Lesnar versus Reigns match. One of the intriguing possibilities is a Money in the Bank cash-in, which could be Strowman or Owens at this point.

If you are a little behind your wrestling, Braun Strowman and Kevin Owens have a match booked at Summerslam. During the match, Strowman will put his briefcase on the line, which could mean Kevin Owens getting a hold of the Money In the Bank briefcase and the contract. Subsequently, he could be the one cashing in his briefcase on Lesnar. So, the probability and outcome of the Roman and Lesnar match could be dependent on who wins the Owens versus Strowman match.

In a perfect world, the Strowman versus Owens match would be a tie, and they would both get a briefcase, causing some hilarity and confusion for weeks to come! Still, the point of me harping on about the briefcase proves just how much I don’t care about Lesnar and his title reign.

Either way, if Lesnar goes bye-bye at Summerslam, I will be the happiest wrestling fan on earth. Whether it is Reigns, Strowman, or Owens, I’ll be as pleased as can be.

One more thing, I do believe Heyman will interfere and cost Lesnar his title. I have not worked out the how yet, but I’m sure it will be interesting!


It can’t happen. This match can’t main event. It can’t go on last. It can’t last more than 20 minutes. Unless somethingĀ unbelievable happens, the crowd will turn on this and boo and it will be WrestleMania all over again but 10x worse because its a smaller, smarkier crowd that hates that they are being fed this feud again and again. While crowd has been cheering for Reigns recently, those aren’t the fans coming to SummerSlam. Please, Vince. Have Reigns win in a quick five-minute sprint. No lock-ups or rest holds have these two beat the piss out of each other and end it quickly. No time to breath or rest or think. Boom 1-2-3.


Brock Lesnar will not leave New York City with the Universal Championship. I am willing this to be true. However, I’m also inclined to believe that Roman Reigns will not leave New York City with the Universal Championship, either.

As Sandra stated above, earlier in the night Braun Strowman will put his Money in the Bank briefcase on the line against Kevin Owens. I won’t be surprised if Owens wins that match in an attempt to trick fans into thinking there won’t be a cash-in – but I think there will be, no matter who ends up with the briefcase.

I think it’d be hilarious if Strowman/Owens pulled a Seth Rollins and cashed in during the middle of the match, offering Reigns a bitter taste of deja vu. But either way, Reigns will leave empty handed and get to go on calling himself the uncrowned Universal Champion.


With reports that Brock Lesnar is set to meet with Vince McMahon mere hours before SummerSlam on Sunday, two scenarios are most likely coming out of that meeting. Lesnar tells WWE he is leaving for UFC, which means Roman Reigns becomes Universal Champion. Or, Lesnar wants to work for both WWE and UFC simultaneously (and McMahon and UFC honcho Dana White have worked out an agreement) which could include Lesnar carrying a WWE title into a UFC Octagon.

Don’t think for a second WWE’s top brass wouldn’t relish that thought.

However, with creative doing everything possible to get Reigns over as a face for how many years now? And Reigns coming off as a face more than he ever has in his post-Shield singles run, as of late…

I say Roman Reigns will become the new Universal Champion.

Could Braun Strowman cash-in? I’m going to go out on a limb and say that even Vince McMahon doesn’t know the answer. Why not wait and see if a victorious Reigns gets a heroes welcome for the audience? And if not, why not then send Strowman in then to save the show?

Anyone who listens to Bruce Prichard’s “Something to Wrestle” knows Vince can change his mind right up until the last second.

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