Why Brock Lesnar’s Latest Raw Appearance Was Perfect

Brock Lesnar did a segment on Raw set up to upset the WWE Universe and turn fans against him. While I did not have to be convinced in the first place, it seems the segment has pulled some doubters over the line.

In my opinion, Lesnar just portrayed his actual self during the segments. Lesnar is a man who is not interested in much but his payday and gives little about the people around him.

It worked. The WWE has successfully turned the crowd against Lesnar. Here are some of the highlights from the segments, as well as my unsalted opinion.

The Woodsman Magazines

One of the things that stood out during the segment was Brock Lesnar reading some magazines in his dressing room. He needed to appear in the ring that night but refused to come out to the ring as the magazines were a lot more interesting.

During the segment, Lesnar was reading The Backwoodsman and American Frontiersman, which actually closely align with Lesnar’s actual interests. This gave some realism to the segment, although Lesnar does not need much help to come over as someone who cares little.

I Don’t Watch the Show

To antagonize the crowd a little more, Lesnar also claimed he was not watching Raw, so he had no idea what Roman was saying about him. However, it seems to have an adverse effect on the Twitter Universe, since many fans stated Lesnar had a point.

The Steak

As if things weren’t cringe-worthy enough, Lesnar would continue by asking Heyman to get him a steak. While there was some bad acting involved in the “Why would I watch the show” bit, it seemed Lesnar had little problems saying where he would rather be.

“I’d much rather be at home on my couch in my house. Now why don’t you go do something like get me a steak, medium well, baked potato, steamed broccoli.”

See, sometimes you could clearly tell the scripted lines Brock was going through, but when he mentioned his couch and a steak, it seemed he did not have to use much of the little acting skills he has.

Lesnar Looked a Lot More In Shape

Another thing that stood out for me during the ring segment is that Lesnar is in much better shape. Brock Lesnar has been looking out of shape for months, even during pay-per-views.

Some fans believe that Lesnar being more in shape means that he is starting to care about wrestling again. My answer is: don’t be fooled. Lesnar is returning to the UFC, which is probably the only reason why he is getting himself in shape again. It has nothing to do with his title defense.

Many people have claimed that Brock Lesnar has been wanting out of his WWE contract for some time, leading the WWE to pay exuberant amounts to get him to appear anyway. While the money is rolling in still, I have no idea how long the WWE is going to take Lesnar as a champion.

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