The Ending To Samoa Joe vs. AJ Styles – Explained

Samoa Joe vs. AJ Styles. This fight seemed like another “Dream Match” except WWE didn’t play it that way. Instead, we got a vicious and cruel Samoa Joe calling out Styles for being an absentee father. The match even started out with Joe calling out AJ’s wife and daughter in the crowd. The title bout started slow and then got crazy at the end.


Joe and AJ pulled out the stops and went for the big hitters.




But the match ended via DQ. AJ snapped when Samoa Joe dropped this verbal assault bomb.



What This Finish Means

It looks like the rumors of this match moving to Hell In A Cell were true! Like most of the endings at SummerSlam, this match finish got mixed reviews. Some hate DQ finishes on a big card; other people understand that AJ had no choice and a DQ was inevitable. I can understand both sides of the argument. Except, as I said earlier, SummerSlam is meant to push and start new storylines. It isn’t the finale of a story like WrestleMania, but the end of a 2nd Act. I can’t think of the last SummerSlam that had a definitive ending. SummerSlam is meant to move feuds through the end of the year and into Rumble/Mania season.

Joe and AJ are just getting started. Their match inside the Cell will be brutal. A bit of fury and fire is what AJ needed to get to that edge. He’s been an easy-going champ for too long. He needs to step up and start beating up some fools.

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