The 8 Best Pieces Of WWE Fan Art

Fan art is an interesting thing. Some of it is good enough that people pay money for it, some of it is downright awful, and some of it should never be allowed to exist outside the darkest corners of the deep web where most people will never, ever see it.


But have no fear, because this article only showcases the good stuff that you won’t be embarrassed to be caught looking at at work. Without further ado, here are eight of the best pieces of WWE fan art.

CrossFit Jesus

Seth Rollins has many nicknames: The Architect; Kingslayer; The Captain. But the greatest of all his many monikers is undoubtedly “CrossFit Jesus,” and artist Pigeoness blessed us all with a portrait of his visage. Behold:

This is my absolute favorite WWE fan art ever and I need a copy of it stat for my desk at Ringside Intel HQ. Even better, Rollins loves his CrossFit Jesus nickname, too. As he told ESPN in January:

“I think I bear a striking resemblance to the western version of Jesus Christ of Nazareth facially with my own beard and long hair and stuff like that, and I’m always talking about CrossFit, so somewhere along the line, somebody put that together and came up with the CrossFit Jesus moniker, which is fantastic. I think it’s wonderful. It’s funny and it’s correct and my wrestling school made a T-shirt out of it.”

Excuse me while I go buy that t-shirt.

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