Welp, I think most of us were wrong. There was no interference. No Shenanigans. And Alexa didn’t even really have any offense. Ronda Rousey won and is the Raw Women’s Champion!

The match started off Natalya coming out sporting her late-fathers ring jacket.

And then Ronda destroyed Alexa. Like it was nothing.

When Alexa ran away, Ronda even went full zen and sat down to gave Alexa chance.

Alexa tried to hit her once. It wasn’t effective.

She celebrated with her husband!

And the ladies of WWE

I can’t believe they went through with it! Seriously, I thought for sure they would have Ronda chase the title for a while longer. But nope, they just let Ronda destroy Alexa. Which is really the only way to do it.

Congrats Ronda, you deserve it!

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