Ric Flair Reflects On Health Scare

This time one year ago, The Nature Boy Ric Flair was in ICU fighting for his life. The 16x World Champion and greatest wrestler of all time was dying as his organs shut down and he was rushed into emergency surgery. It seemed inevitable that we were going to lose the Nature Boy. Fortunately, he kicked out at 2, and we have the Stylin and Profilin’ one still around. Naitch took this anniversary to reflect on his journey from that day and how his brush with death changed his life for the better.


Flair thanked his fiancee, his family, and the WWE for supporting him through all of his comas, surgeries, and rehabs. Perhaps it is these words that are the most powerful:

 “I Guess I Will Forever Wonder Why I Was Given A Second Chance. But I’ll Take It And I Won’t Let Anyone Down!”

You have a lot of life left to live, Nature Boy! Just take it a little easier, OK? 

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