Report: Rey Mysterio Possibly Appearing At SummerSlam

WWE fans know it is only a matter of time before Rey Mysterio makes his way back to the WWE. Rumors have been going around regarding the high-flyer, with many believing he could make an appearance at Summerslam.

Update August 16th:

It is now looking increasingly likely that Mysterio will appear either at SummerSlam or the RAW afterward.


Then there’s this statement from Northeast Wrestling



Update: June 19th.

On Rey Mysterio Day of all days, Lucha Central is reporting that Mysterio is working on a 3-year deal with WWE.

Mysterio revealed that him and the wrestling monolith have discussed a three year deal that would see the legend return to the promotion where he became a two time World Champion during a ten year plus stint. As of now no deal has been reached;


Here’s what’s been reported elsewhere including plans for Mysterio for the summer.

No Permanent Deal in Place, but One Is Being Worked On

According to Dave Meltzer, Rey Mysterio’s WWE return could be taking place in September. Mysterio has some other commitments during the summer in Japan, which could keep him away from Summerslam. Still, having Mysterio back in the WWE is worth the wait.

Mysterio’s Recent WWE Appearances

Rey has always been a favorite wrestler. In fact, Mysterio is the person who got me into wrestling in the first place. The fact he might return to WWE on a permanent basis excites me

Even though I have been following Mysterio on the indie circuit, he has done some surprise appearances in the WWE this year. The first took place at the WWE’s Royal Rumble in 2018. His second was during the Greatest Royal Rumble in Saudi Arabia.

I have to be honest; the WWE could use a well-placed veteran at this point. Even though there is loads of young talent waiting to become legends, facing a veteran can only play in their benefit.

Being a Mysterio fan, I already have some dream matches in my head if Mysterio would come back to the WWE. My dream opponents for Mysterio are Jeff Hardy, Braun Strowman, Seth Rollins, Drew McIntyre, and Finn Balor. Hopefully, these dream matches will become a reality over the next couple of months.

Of course, we do not have to limit ourselves to the main roster when it comes to a possible opponent for the Lucha Libre king. Bouts with Adam Cole, Richocet, and Johnny Gargano could become instant 5-star matches. So why wait? I think Mysterio and fresh NXT talent can blow some new life into the company.

If Rey returns to the WWE permanently, what are your dream matches?

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