Latest Actions By Hulk Hogan Indicating His Return To WWE

It is looking increasingly likely that Hulk Hogan is making a full return to WWE. After his ‘apology‘ two weeks ago at Extreme Rules, the Hulkster was back at another WWE event. This time he was at the SmackDown Live taping in Orlando. Granted, Hogan lives in the area, so it isn’t like WWE flew him in or anything. But WWE allowing him to attend events is a strong sign that the company is ready to forgive Hogan and get him back on television.

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According to ProWrestlingSheet, Hogan attended the show and took a picture with two WWE Performance Center trainees.

“Hogan posed for a photo at the Amway Center with Performance Center trainees Shadia Bseisoand Nasser Alruwayeh. The show emanated from Orlando near Hogan’s home.”

Hulk Hogan is also teasing an announcement to take place on October 27th on his website. The countdown references Hogan’s NWO/Hollywood Hogan run. There’s no word on what it could be. But my guess would be it is an NWO reunion tour featuring him, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash. Wrestler speaking tours are all the rage now with Ric Flair, Jim Ross, and Mick Foley going on tour to tell their stories and interact with fans.

I still don’t think Hogan will be back on TV any time soon. It seems his apology didn’t go over well with a lot of the WWE locker room. There wouldn’t be any positive press to come from this. The media would laser-focus on Hogan’s half-apology and wonder aloud if he such a thing can be forgiven.

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