John Cena’s Next Major Match And Opponent Confirmed!

John Cena’s off in China getting lean and training to be a Hong Kong action star. But he isn’t done with WWE quite yet. He is booked for the massive October 6th “Super Show-Down” live from Melbourne, Australia. In the same vein as the “Greatest Royal Rumble” in Saudi Arabia, the Super Show-Down will take place inside the massive Melbourne Cricket Ground with nearly 100,000 fans in attendance. WWE is pulling out all the stops for the show, with Triple H squaring off against the Undertaker in a match billed as the “last time ever.” Cena’s opponent is epic as well and brings to mind one of his better rivalries in the last few years.


Owens made his main-roster debut against Cena. As NXT champion, Owens pinned US Champion Cena, and the two went onto feud for a few months. I don’t expect much build for this match, as the attraction and money is in Cena appearing against whomever.

The show should be fun. I can’t wait to get up at 5 am to watch it! 

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