Jeff Jarrett Is Suing IMPACT – Here’s Why

IMPACT rarely gets any credit. The company fka TNA has been declared dead so many times but is still kicking. Now under the ownership of Canadian sports media company Anthem, the scrappy brand is looking to build new stars and get their feet set underneath them. But not so fast. It looks like Impact is heading towards trouble once again. This time, it doesn’t seem entirely self-inflicted. Jeff Jarrett, the founder and former owner of IMPACT, filed a lawsuit against Anthem for trademark and IP infringement of his new wrestling/gold company Global Force Entertainment.

This seems to stem from the controversy last year over Jarrett’s attempted sale/merger of GFW with IMPACT. The failed agreement included 16 hours of Global Force’s “AMPED” TV tapings that Anthem would later broadcast. Anthem would fire Jarrett over creative differences and Jarrett’s substance abuse.

Here are more details via ProWrestling Insider:

“…Jarrett alleges that after he was terminated by Anthem, the announced merger between GFE and Anthem never went through and that “despite Anthem Wrestling’s acknowledgement of GFE’s ownership of all GFW Amped content, Defendants reproduced, distributed, publicly displayed, offered for sale, and sold the GFW Amped content without providing any compensation or royalties to GFE or Mr. Jarrett.”

The lawsuit points out that Anthem promoted several PPVs under the GFW Amped name (utilizing content that was originally designed to be a GFW weekly TV series that had been taped in Las Vegas), airing them from July 2017 through December 2017.”

Does Jeff Jarrett Have A Case?

IMPACT sells Global Force DVDs and GFW content on their YouTube Page.


This lawsuit would also extend to IMPACT’s streaming service the “Global Wrestling Network.”

I’m not a lawyer, so I don’t know if Jarrett’s suit has any merit. However, I don’t know what the value of these Global Force tapings and content. Perhaps, this is just due diligence on Jarrett’s part to protect his Global Force copyright. Or maybe Global Force is continuing to struggle and is looking for some way to recoup funds lost.

Either way, we will keep you updated.

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