Is Samoa Joe The Meanest Wrestler In WWE?

I don’t know if Samoa Joe knows that wrestling is a pre-determined work. He approaches every match and every promo with such fire and intensity, it makes you believe that he’s really going to go out there and fight someone for real. Samoa Joe speak in catchphrases, he speaks simple and direct. Both his wrestling and his word are about one thing, pain.

That was on display during the July 31st episode of SmackDown live when, virtually out of nowhere, Samoa Joe accused AJ Styles of being an absentee and terrible father to his children. Joe said that Styles’ global wrestling pursuits turned him into an absentee father. But what probably stung the most, was Joe’s contention that AJ Styles‘ children would be cheering not for their father, but for Joe. Seriously, is Samoa Joe the meanest man in wrestling?

This isn’t the first time Joe has made it personal. He gloated about Dean Ambrose’s injury directly to the face of his wife, WWE interviewer Renee Young.

Joe, lay off the families dude! 

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