Former Champion Officially Leaves WWE

For nearly a year, former Cruiserweight champion Neville has been on the sidelines after mysteriously disappearing before an episode of RAW in October 2017. There was talk of “positive” discussions and WWE freezing Neville’s contract to prevent him from leaving and signing somewhere else. Now, it seems that the Man That Gravity Forget has officially flown away.

A report last week stated that Neville’s contract with WWE had run out and that he would soon be free to wrestle elsewhere if he wanted to. The departure cemented when WWE moved Neville’s Superstar profile to the “Alumni” section.

This bums me out. Neville could have been a big star, maybe even world champion. He had the high-flying and the charisma to become the next Rey Mysterio. Unfortunately, the grind of travel and a lack of substantial push as Cruiserweight champion lead to the Neville going home.

What’s Next For Neville?

There’s talk that Neville is burned out from wrestling and looking for an extended break. However, if he is ready to return the environment is ripe for him. He could end up in Ring Of Honor or New Japan. He may even show up at ‘independent’ super-show ALL IN this weekend in Chicago. British wrestling is also running hot, and the Brit may want to stay at home to work. He can do whatever he wants. He is a big name and will be able to draw an audience. But, may I make one suggestion, please don’t revert to your indie name. PAC is confusing. Why not Gravity Man or Adrian Never?

Regardless, Neville is missed. I hope he finds contentment wherever he goes.