Explaining The Four Biggest Complaints About WWE Signing New Wrestlers

If there’s one thing wrestling fans love more than watching wrestling, it’s complaining about wrestling. And, more often than not, the subject of their ire is WWE.

five misconceptions about wwe

Of course, as WWE is the largest and most successful wrestling company in the world, it only makes sense that fans complain about it the most. However, when armchair GMs on Reddit/Twitter/Facebook complain about WWE’s product to the point that they hope their favorite wrestlers never sign there, I can’t help but roll my eyes. Because while it’s true that wrestlers have never had more viable options outside WWE than they do now, the fact of the matter is that it remains desirable and advantageous to work for WWE. After all, if it weren’t, WWE wouldn’t be the largest and most successful wrestling company in the world.

Here are four misconceptions fans have about wrestling in WWE – and why wrestlers should still want to work for Vince McMahon and Co.

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