Few wrestlers utilize social media as well as Matt Hardy. His ability to get the conversation going is legendary. When he became BROKEN his Twitter account became a place of weird words, hashtags, and random pictures. But recently it looks Matt like Hardy is returning to a more ‘real’ style, and dropping some hints that have many fans thinking he is on the verge of retirement. However, it seems now Hardy may just be taking time off.

Adding to this are Hardy’s daily posts showcasing pictures from different points in his career, seemingly in chronological order.

According to various websites, and now seemingly Hardy himself. The Broken one is literally broken and taking time off to heal his body and various injuries that have piled up from 20+ years of wrestling. Wrestling Inc.

“Hardy recently revealed that his lower back and pelvis have started fusing together, and while the pain isn’t too bad, it is frustrating. Hardy is planning on starting new training rehab methods that should help with the pain.”

He also may be transitioning to a behind-the-scenes producer role.

Is Hardy planning on retiring or just taking a stroll down memory lane? We will keep you updated.