WWE Planning All-Women’s Main Roster Event?

In an effort to make amends for the no-women-allowed Greatest Royal Rumble, WWE is reportedly considering holding an all-women’s event for the main roster talent this fall.

The event would take place in either late September or early October and is “seriously being kicked around by [WWE] higher-ups,” according to a report from Pro Wrestling Sheet. It’s also “unclear if the event would additionally feature some of the women on the NXT roster, outside talent or former stars … because the show hasn’t been set in stone just yet.”

Pro Wrestling Sheet Editor-in-Chief Ryan Satin speaks further about the potential event in the video below:

As Satin says, an all-women’s event could be the perfect “make good” for WWE after the women were snubbed in the Greatest Royal Rumble – and it would give women who are otherwise overlooked on the main roster a chance to shine.

Unused Talent

Untapped, unused, and overlooked talent is a problem across WWE; even with five hours of cable TV programming every week, the same handful of Superstars seem to always be in the spotlight. However, the women have it particularly difficult. After all, they have just two titles to compete for, and while the division is smaller, it’s much more competitive.

If WWE has an all-women’s event, it would give people like Becky Lynch and Alicia Fox (given that she’s healthy) a chance to shine. Also, it will be interesting to see if WWE will incorporate the storylines for the all-women’s event into Raw and SmackDown, or if it will be a standalone event like the Mae Young Classic. If it’s the former, then that could mean there would be more time dedicated to the women on the main shows, even if it’s just a little bit more.

Fans Want More

Whatever happens, it’s clear that fans want more out of the women’s division (hint hint, tag titles). As a female wrestling fan who started watching WWE in 1999, I remember all too well the days when women were relegated to bra-and-panties matches and treated as an afterthought or bathroom break. These days, WWE has dedicated an entire tournament from women around the world and routinely puts women in headlining matches. Now is absolutely the best time to be a fan of women’s wrestling, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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