WWE Officially Signs One Of Japan’s Biggest Stars

Io Shirai was set to sign a contract with the WWE at last year’s Mae Young Classic. Being one of the most dominant female un-signed athletes, I was excited by the prospect of having Shirai on the WWE brand. However, things would not go as planned, as a medical problem caused the WWE to withdraw their offer.

There is some good news for Io Shirai fans though, because the indie star recently received a clean bill of health by Japanese doctors; this could mean Io Shirai will be picked up by the WWE.

WWE made it official!

Wrestling at Stardom

Io Shirai currently works for Stardom, a Japanese wrestling promotion. Shirai returned to Stardom last year after retiring to go to the WWE.

Over the past ten months, Io Shirai has become the main attraction of the Stardom promotion once again. She has won the Artist of Stardom title for the sixth time, but also the Wonder of Stardom for the second time.

Leaving Stardom for the WWE

Tokyo Sports has stated that Io Shirai is heading to Florida after her Stardom contract expires. Her final match on Stardom should take place on June 17;  this means Io Shirai could make it to the WWE before the next Mae Young Classic!

While there is no exact date set for the Mae Young Classic this year, it is expected to take place in August. So, if Io Shirai is getting into the WWE through the Mae Young Classic, she should be competing in the WWE by that time.

Unknown Medical Issues

Io Shirai was set to join the WWE in 2017, but a ‘medical problem’ caused the WWE to retract their offer. There have been countless rumors regarding the nature of her ‘medical problem’; this includes problems with her heart as well as a neck injury. Whatever the nature of her injury, there is no denying that Io Shirai is one of the most exciting and talented indie wrestlers at the moment.

The prospect of having her in the WWE is indeed something that excites me as well, much like when Ricochet joined the WWE!

Indie Star Influx

It is no secret that the WWE has been recruiting a lot of big indie stars. Adam Cole, EC3, and Ricochet are just some of the names that now belong to the WWE roster. If it is true that the Queen of Stardom is heading to the WWE as well, it is likely that the WWE’s indie recruiting influx is far from over.

Are you excited about the fact that Shirai is making her way back to the WWE? Let us know in the comment section below!

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