Update On Kevin Owens’ Condition Following Epic Fall

It is called Extreme Rules, so of course, EXTREME things are going to happen! The ending of the Kevin Owens- Braun Strowman match will be hard to top. Owens looked to have the upper-hand when he cleverly hand-cuffed Braun to the ring ropes. Silly Kevin. No mere hand-cuffs can hold back the MONSTER! Nevertheless, Kevin decided to hit Braun with one last taunt before scaling the cage.

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This was a mistake. It only enraged The Braun, and he┬ábroke free of the handcuffs. Braun scaled the cage freakishly fast, meeting KO on top of the cage. And then…Braun decided to murder poor Kevin Owens.


Appropriately enough, this match happened in Pittsburgh. Wrestling historian will know that Pittsburgh was the site of Mick Foley’s infamous cage fall in 1998. Twenty years later, WWE pays tribute to one of the most shocking moments in WWE history.

Update On Kevin Owens’ Condition

WWE reported the following on Kevin Owens’ “condition” following his fall. It is believed that this is to further the storyline that Braun actually did attempt to murder Kevin Owens. Owens was not seen on Raw the night following Extreme Rules.

“Kevin Owens sustained multiple injures(sic), including bruising of the shoulder and back, bruised ribs and a neck strain. He will be re-evaluated later in the week.”

We will keep you up to date on when Kevin Owens inevitably returns with a crutch and a neckbrace.


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