UFC 227: Dominick Cruz Makes His Call For TJ Dillashaw – Cody Garbrandt II

NEW YORK, NY - NOVEMBER 04: TJ Dillashaw

When you consider that Dominick Cruz has fought both TJ Dillshaw and Cody Garbrandt, and that he’s one of the best analysts in MMA, you may be interested to see his thoughts on the UFC 227 headliner.

Dillashaw is going to face Garbrandt for a second time at UFC 227, which will go down on August 4th. It will mark the first time both bantamweights have competed, since Dillashaw ended Garbrandt’s reign last November, via second round stoppage.

Cruz, on the other hand, hasn’t fought since he lost the title to Garbrandt, back in November, 2016. In January of that same year, Cruz took the belt from Dillashaw via split decision. So, when you factor all that in, plus the fact that Cruz is one of the greatest bantamweights the game has ever known, it’s not surprising he was asked for his take on Dillashaw – Garbrandt II, during the latest “MMA Hour”.

Here’s some of what the UFC analyst had to say (quotes via MMA Fighting):

“I think it’ll go a little bit longer, this one, but I also think that Cody gets it this time and they’re going to end up having a rubber match or something somewhere down the line,” Cruz said. “I don’t care either way, I’m going to end up fighting both these guys, so it doesn’t really matter how their fight goes for me personally. For the world, I think Cody gets it done this time, probably.

“It’s hard to get that title and then to keep it is a whole other thing. It’s a good thing for these guys that they’ve had long breaks in between their defenses, so that’ll really help because they’re probably much more healthy since they had the break.”

This is interesting to here. Currently the betting lines have Dillashaw as the favorite to win the rematch, in the range of -115 to -130.

Cruz, meanwhile, also reported in the interview that his broken arm is finally healed. As it turns out, initially he was told the injury likely wouldn’t need surgery, but that didn’t turn out to be the case. So, this is why he’s been on the sidelines a lot longer than initially expected.