Ruby Riott Injured; What Does It Mean For Riott Squad?

The Riott Squad could go from a trio to a duo, as leader Ruby Riott has suffered an injury.

WWE confirmed in a statement Monday evening that Riott “sustained an injury to her left knee at a WWE Live Event over the weekend.” An MRI was scheduled earlier in the day to “determine the extent of the damage,” but WWE has yet to issue any further update.

Riott has not commented on her injury. However, following Liv Morgan’s loss to Ember Moon on Raw, she tweeted a statement of solidarity.

Indeed, Morgan and Sarah Logan were up to their usual tricks on Raw despite Riott’s absence. However, in spite of Riott’s show of resilience, it’s hard to believe that the Riott Squad can survive without its namesake.

Will The Riott Be Quiett?

When The Riott Squad debuted on SmackDown in November 2017, many fans couldn’t help but notice that they were a virtual carbon copy of Absolution, who had debuted the night before on Raw. And, unfortunately, the downfall of Absolution can likely be used as a blueprint for the destruction of The Riott Squad.

The Raw after WrestleMania 34, Paige officially retired from in-ring competition, leaving her Absolution cohorts Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville without a leader. Less than one month later, Paige officially dissolved Absolution.

Of course, Deville and Rose are still in cahoots despite Paige’s decree – but they’ve done nothing but eat losses. They’re floundering without Paige’s guiding influence because neither of them was ready to stand on their own just yet.

Likewise, Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan are nowhere near ready to fly it solo. Logan can’t talk to save her life, and Morgan – to borrow a very accurate description from my colleague Hunter Patterson – is a human Pixy Stick. Even as a duo they’re awkward without Riott; they look more like middle schoolers with an attitude problem than punks on a path of destruction – and as far as the “mean girl” gimmick goes, the IIconics already do that schtick way better than Morgan and Logan ever could.

In other words, if Riott’s knee injury turns out to be a bad one, I wouldn’t be surprised if the end is nigh for The Riott Squad.

Whatever the future holds, here’s wishing Ruby Riott a speedy recovery – and Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan some better direction.

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