Ric Flair Angering WWE & Charlotte

Just one year ago, Ric Flair was hanging on for life in an ICU. The Nature Boy battled organ failure and other ailments but was back to Stylin’ and Profilin’ soon enough. The 16-time World Champion has returned to the hospital several times. Including this past week for surgery. Here’s more via ProWrestlingSheet:

“Pro Wrestling Sheet has learned Ric Flair underwent successful surgery on Monday to reverse an ileostomy procedure.

An Ileostomy procedure is used to ensure waste is evacuated from the body by creating an opening for the intestines to pass waste.

After the colon and rectum are removed or bypassed, waste no longer comes out of the body through the rectum and anus. Digestive contents now leave the body through the stoma. The drainage is collected in a pouch that sticks to the skin around the stoma. The pouch is fitted to you personally. It’s worn at all times and can be emptied as needed.

Reversing the procedure is a good sign that Flair is able to return to normal body functions.

Flair has slowly returned to his infamous breakneck schedule since his near-death experience. While he is not getting involved in the ring, Flair is still taking independent bookings and occasionally showing up on WWE TV to support his daughter

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