Jim Ross Injured While Commentating!

The injury that legendary commentator Jim Ross sustained while calling the NJPW G1 Special in San Francisco was very real, and he’s none too happy about it.

RossΒ tweeted over the weekend that the ringside “bump” he took during the sold-out show at The Cow Palace “was not storyline driven matter nor was it discussed.” He also shared that he believed he’d broken a rib.

Ross’s co-commentator Josh Barnett also replied to a fan on Twitter further clarifying that the incident was “not a work.”

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Well, it turns out that Ross’s injury was even worse than he expected. In an update from F4WOnline Monday, Ross was diagnosed with “issues involving both his lungs and ribs,” and his doctors have advised him to be cautious of contracting pneumonia. He was forced to cancel three public appearances as a result of the injury.

What’s more, F4WOnline further reported that Ross had spoken explicitly with NJPW officials before the show to make sure there would not be any wrestling around the announce area. As you can see below, Jay White and Juice Robinson were mere feet from the announce table. Neither of them has publicly commented on the incident.

Were White and Robinson reckless? Yes. But they didn’t injure Ross on purpose – it was a regrettable accident. However, if it’s true that Ross requested that no wrestling occur near the announce area, then either there was a miscommunication or White, and Robinson blatantly disregarded that request.

Whatever the case, it just goes to show that wrestlers need not only be concerned about themselves but also the people around them. Not everyone is adequately trained to take a bump or protect themselves, and, as with Ross’s injury, it’s all too easy for outside objects to go flying into innocent bystanders.

Here’s wishing good ol’ JR a speedy recovery.

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