Guess Who Just Challenged The Rock For A WrestleMania Match?

According to some buzzes around the World Wide Web, WWE legend and star of The Toothfairy, The Rock Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson aka The Rock is contemplating a return to the ring at next year’s WrestleMania in New York City (actually New Jersey but they call it New York because Jersey is one vast gross toxic waste Superfund site).

But who will The Rock face? The most common answers seem to be Brock Lesnar or Roman Reigns, or maybe even Triple H. But fan predictions are so often wrong, and Vince changes his mind at the drop of his du-rag. Seeing an opportunity, one WWE star is shooting his shot and trying to get the Internet behind match between himself and The Rock.  HEATH SLATER!

Yes. HEATH SLATER! And why not? Heath Slater is one of the most experienced vets on the WWE roster. Sure he isn’t on TV often, and when he is, he’s often the object of ridicule. But let’s not forget this guy has skins on the wall. He’s a two-time tag champion, and on top of that, he PINNED! Seth Rollins in the main event of RAW!

Let’s make it happen. #RockSlaterMania. Let’s get it trending!! 

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