Five Fast Facts About Eric Young

The leader of Sanity has made his main roster debut and boy we are happy about it. Not quite familiar with Eric Young? No problem, because we have created an overview with some quick facts about Eric Young!

1. Waldo von Erich Trained Him

Many WWE wrestlers had legendary trainers, and the same applies to Eric Young. In fact, he was trained by none other than Waldo Von Erich, an iconic wrestler who wrestled for the WWWF (later WWF).

Only ten weeks after starting his training, Eric Young left a lasting impression, since he was allowed to have his first match after such a short period of time. He would then take on ‘Suicide’ Sean Ball. His knack for wrestling went much further though since ten matches later Eric Young find himself in the role of the head trainer!

2. Eric Young’s Fishing Show on Animal Planet

Just when I think Eric Young could not be any more versatile, I find out something else that leaves me stunned. This is one of those facts, because apparently, Eric Young had a fishing show on Animal Plant called ‘Off the Hook: Extreme Catches’.

Even though I know little about fishing shows, it appears Eric Young’s show ran for a whole two seasons. It was even accompanied by some original episode names, including ‘Marlin: Impossible’. No wonder the WWE picked him up!

3. He Had Multiple Matches with Kurt Angle

Before his return to the WWE, both Kurt Angle and Eric Young spend loads of time at Impact Wrestling (then still TNA). It is said that Angle had the opportunity to pick the man he wanted to have a match with, and ended up choosing Eric Young.

While it is certainly not uncommon for anyone on the Impact Wrestling roster to face Kurt Angle at that time, the most surprising fact is that Eric Young was allowed to put a piledriver on Angle. The only other person allowed to do this before? The Undertaker!

4. He Is a TNA Grand Slam Champion

Despite only making his debut on the WWE main roster recently, EY holds a title many wrestlers could only dream of, more specifically the prestigious title of TNA Grand Slam Champion.

During his career, Young won 11 championships. He is also one of only four men who are TNA Grand Slam Champions. The others on the list? AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, and Abyss. Quite impressive indeed!

5. Eric Young’s Jobs

It is not uncommon for someone to take some jobs they don’t like before they get where they want to be. However, this fact seems to have made Young into the versatile person he is today.

Before he became a well-known wrestler, EY worked in a pizza parlor, made horse harnesses, and even did a job as a sand caster. Well, it does not get more versatile than that.

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