Daniel Bryan LITERALLY Acquired Magical Powers On SmackDown

The SmackDown before Extreme Rules ended with an electric ten-man tag match. Team Hell No and the New Day took on sANiTy and the Bludgeon Brothers. The match had everyone pulling out their tricks and ended with Daniel Bryan hitting Eric Young with a flying knee for the win. But it is what happened after the match that has me super puzzled and weirded out. NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT DANIEL BRYAN ACQUIRING POWERS OF PYROMANCY!


After the match Kane and Bryan stood tall on the entrance ramp celebrating with fans doing the Yes chant. In a good mood, Bryan attempt Kane’s infamous summoning of hellfire. It didn’t work the first two attempts, but the third time was the charm and Daniel Bryan SUMMONED FIRE!

A few people reacted to Daniel Bryan bringing pyro back to WWE TV for the first time in months.

But the Real Story is: Daniel Bryan Is A Wizard!

In wrestling storyline world, Daniel Bryan now can summon the fires of hell. Did Kane bequeath him these powers? I don’t think so, as the Devil’s Favorite Demon was as shocked as the rest of us. What other skills of magic does Bryan possess? Can he summon the dead? Shoot lighting? Teleport? Transform into a biker? Have both a bald head and long locks of hair? Time will tell. But this goes to show you that Daniel Bryan is a legend and one of the best guys on the roster. He continues to main event SmackDown every week and seems destined for a marquee match at SummerSlam against The Miz.

I expect this will be a one-off thing. Just a way to “send the fans home happy.” But I wouldn’t mind seeing a magical Daniel Bryan. He’s already got the cape.

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