Charlotte Flair Reveals Why She’s Been Off TV For So Long

Charlotte Flair has been sidelined for some time recovering from surgery for a ruptured breast implant, and she recently revealed that the “injury” was far worse than initially reported.

During an interview with Maria Menounos on SiriusXM radio, Charlotte shared that she ruptured both implants, not just one.

She also revealed that her decision to postpone surgery to remove the busted implants ultimately caused her to fall ill:

“I got a lot of big things coming up. I knew I had Wrestlemania; I knew I had the body issue. I just wasn’t going to say anything. Could I just wait? I finally got to have them redone a little over four weeks ago,” Flair explained.

Unfortunately, in waiting to get the surgery done, the situation continued to deteriorate. “I got sick a few times — that may have been from it,” Flair recalled. “The silicone got all the way in my armpit.”

Charlotte also admitted that it was tough for her to accept that she was sidelined for “not a legitimate injury,” as she put it. “I’m sitting out because of my tatas!”

The Price of Beauty

Despite the Women’s Evolution and an increased emphasis on wrestling ability rather than looks, breast implants are still very popular within professional wrestling. Indeed, Charlotte is far from the only wrestler who’s suffered a ruptured implant: Mickie James, Eva Marie, and Chyna all went through the same ordeal.

As a female wrestling fan, I sincerely hope that there isn’t any behind-the-scenes pressure at WWE for women wrestlers to go under the knife. If a woman decides to get breast implants, it should be because she wants them for herself, not because some guy in a suit told her it would benefit her career. Of course, there’s undoubtedly some modicum of pressure for everyone at WWE to look their absolute best, but something like breast implants should be optional and entirely up to the woman who would be getting them.

Nevertheless, I’m glad that Charlotte is recovering from her “injury,” and I look forward to seeing her back in the ring at the end of the month.

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