Bray Wyatt Involved In “Traumatic” Car Crash

You may have noticed Bray Wyatt did not accompany his tag partner Matt Hardy on the July 2nd episode of Raw. The Eater Of Worlds missed RAW due to a head-on collision car accident. Reports indicate the accident was bad enough that Bray suffered severe head trauma.


But Bray isn’t one to let a car accident get in the way of his gimmick. Here’s what Wyatt told TMZ.

“I’m gonna live through it because I can’t die.”


Bray Wyatt Is Always In Character.

Bray is known for rarely breaking character. But this may take it to the extreme. Keeping kayfabe AFTER a near-fatal car accident is some old-school territory stuff. I love it. There is no Windham Rotunda. There is only Bray. Wyatt’s portrayal as an enigmatic wrestler hinges on Bray being ‘on’ at all times. He is always a hillbilly cult-leading wizard. This interview is a great example.

There isn’t a sliver of daylight between who he is in the ring and out of it. That is the type of dedication you rarely see in wrestling anymore. With wrestlers often using their “shoot” names on social media profiles and taking selfies with their on-screen enemies, it is refreshing to see a worker who takes their persona so seriously.

Bray takes his character seriously. Through all the ups and downs that WWE has put him through, he continues to evolve and entertain fans. I still think there is hope for him to become the ultimate super-villain WWE wants him to be. He has to do something that villains do on occasion. Win. Yes, he’s the current Raw tag champ and beat John Cena and AJ Styles to win the WWE title, but doesn’t it always feel transitional?

Anyway… I don’t know when Bray will be back. WWE takes head injuries seriously. It wouldn’t shock me if he’s out for months and WWE takes the titles off the Deleter of Worlds team.

Maybe he needs a dip in the Lake of Reincarnation? 

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