WWE Favorite Makes SHOCKING Return At Money In The Bank!

You always have to be on the look-out for surprises in WWE. It is part of what makes wrestling so fun, never knowing what is happening next and who is showing up. According to PWInsider, there is set to be a major surprise return at Money In The Bank, and it is going to have major implications for a title scene. James Ellsworth is returning?


HE DID! He returned to Carmella and helped her defeat Asuka!

Read our article below on the back and forth on the rumors of  Ellsworth’s return.

“James Ellsworth looks to be returning to WWE soon, PWInsider.com has learned.  There have been several recent creative pitches for Ellsworth to pop up in some capacity and PWInsider.com has confirmed he is slated to be at the WWE Money in the Bank PPV in Chicago.”

As stated in the article, Ellsworth’s return would most likely involve Carmella’s SmackDown Women’s Title defense against Asuka.

Ellsworth helped Carmella win the inaugural women’s MITB last year when he climbed the ladder to get the Princess of Staten Island the briefcase. This move by WWE generated a ton of Internet controversy but solidified Carmella as the top female on the SmackDown Live brand. Ellsworth returning to cost Asuka the title would be a smart way to preserve Carmella as a cheating heel champion while also preserving Asuka as a legitimate belt threat.

However, Ellsworth dismissed the idea. He’ll be pretty far away from Chicago.


Well, that didn’t last long. Middle Kingdom Wrestling, the Chinese promotion hosting Ellsworth’s Intergender match released the following statement. Verified by ProWrestlingSheet.

“James Ellsworth was scheduled to appear this weekend (June 16/17, 2018) in Harbin, China, as part of
Middle Kingdom Wrestling presents EYES ON THE PRIZE and an MKW Meet ’n Greet party. This booking has been in place since February.

James Ellsworth informed us last night that he will not be traveling to China. This news came after repeated attempts by MKW management to contact Ellsworth over the last six days to confirm travel arrangements

It certainly seems now that Ellsworth will be at Money In The Bank. But what will he be doing there?

What has James Ellsworth Been Up To Since His Release?

Since his release last year, Ellsworth has been wrestling on the independent scene. Taking his female wrestling gimmick, he created an “Intergender Title” that he defends against some of the top female stars on the independent wrestling scene.

Is This A Good Idea?

I am sure Ellsworth’s return and interference will again cause controversy. A lot of “smart” fans will talk about how the move will “bury” Asuka. But how can someone be buried by losing an unfair fight? Burying Asuka would be her losing clean with no interference to Carmella. But as a heel, Carmella cheats and schemes her way to victory. This is how wrestling works and has worked. The hope for justice and rectification drives fans and feuds. Carmella will get hers one day. Asuka will be champion one day as well.

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