Why WWE Fired Big Cass

The sudden release of Big Cass from the WWE has left many people speculating. Even though he was in a pay-per-view event against Daniel Bryan, management had no qualms releasing the wrestler shortly after Money in the Bank.

There have been loads of claims regarding the cause of Big Cass’ release. According to sources such as Sports Illustrated and Pro Wrestling Sheet, personal conduct issues were the basis for his termination. Here is the story.

Drinking Problem?

One of the most persistent rumors, reported by SI, is that Big Cass was drinking during the European Tour. This incident happened the week after Big Cass ignored a directive from Vince McMahon to not be overly aggressive with a little person in the ring.

Attitude Issues

Pro Wrestling Sheet reports that there were a bunch of attitude issues with Big Cass, especially backstage.

In addition to being intoxicated in public, Pro Wrestling Sheet reported that Big Cass caused an incident on a WWE bus. Cass allegedly got stuck on a toilet due to a broken lock and thought he was being pranked. This led him to break down the door. Leaving a lot of unhappy fellow superstars on the bus.

Separating Truth from Fiction

Until I see a name in print, proven to be a reliable source, the information we collected from Sports Illustrated and Pro Wrestling Sheet is unverified. However, I have no doubt there is some bad blood between the WWE and Big Cass, noticeable by the statement they placed shortly after Big Cass’ release.

“WWE has come to terms on the release of William Morrissey (Big Cass)”

Notice how the WWE does not wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors, he only gets a brief statement with zero explanation; this is a clear indication Cass did not leave the WWE on the best of terms.

Still, no matter the cause, I do think it is essential that we do not judge too harshly. Even if the information above appears to be true, many wrestlers have fallen victim to the drink demon and “attitude issues.” Being in the public eye is difficult. I hope if Cass needs help, he will ask for it. He is still young and could make a return one day, providing he works the indies and sorts out whatever problems the WWE fired him for.

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