UFC President Leaks Secret On Brock Lesnar’s WWE Future

Brock Lesnar’s future in the WWE is a hot topic. Many people believe it is time for Lesnar to drop the Universial title. But who knows Brock’s real future? Only a handful of people, including UFC President Dana White. But White has been a source of wrong information in the past. However, the enigmatic fight promoter made a statement recently which could have indications for Brock’s future in the WWE. Even though we must take all news from Dana White with a severe grain of salt, it is still something of which the WWE Universe should be aware.

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Brock Lesnar’s WWE Contract Set to Expire

According to Dana White, Brock Lesnar’s WWE contract is set to expire in the summer. White has indicated he is interested in getting Brock Lesnar back to the Octagon once his WWE contract is up. The close of his contract could mean Lesnar drops the title this summer as well.

Dana White has not given an exact date for Lesnar’s contract expiration, so it still comes down to guesswork. Lesnar is not set to make an appearance at Money in the Bank. We most likely won’t see him until August at SummerSlam. Still, if Dana White is correct (hopefully), Brock Lesnar’s reign could come to an end soon.

“Brock’s WWE deal is up at the end of the summer I think and I know he wants to fight so I’m sure we’ll end up getting that figured out.”

Dana White Says Brock Lesnar Interested in Fighting Jon Jones

It is no secret that Brock Lesnar has one foot out of the WWE door. Lesnar’s prime interest has always been the UFC. According to White, Lesnar is looking forward to a fight with Jon Jones.

“[Francis Ngannou] is a fine fight, absolutely. There’s a lot of options. Jon Jones is very interested in Brock Lesnar and Brock is very interested in Jon Jones.”

While I could not care less about the UFC, I do care about the fact that Brock Lesnar is looking at mixed martial arts again. It could mean my wish finally comes true with Brock Lesnar dropping the title to hard-working young talent. It’s a simple as that.

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The plans for Jones and Lesnar might run into some problems. Both wrestlers have a track record of USADA doping violations. Lesnar will have to get back into the testing pool and serve out another six months of the one-year suspension he received after failing a drug test. Jones is also subject to a suspension after testing positive for the steroid turinabol. Still, if Brock wants to get that fight with Jones, he could get it in 2019, leaving the WWE Universal Championship open for another wrestler to take.

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