Ronda Rousey Is Already Going Into The Hall Of Fame

Before coming to WWE and taking the pro-wrestling world by storm with the best debut match in wrestling history, Ronda Rousey dominated and innovated the UFC. The UFC created an entire women’s division and a belt because of Rousey’s dominance and presence in other MMA promotions. She put women’s MMA and really all of UFC on the map as one of the biggest draws in the company’s history. WWE’s own “Women’s Revolution” owes a debt to what Rousey did inside the Octagon. The UFC recognizes what Ronda Rousey did for the UFC and is rewarding her trail-blazing by putting her into the UFC Hall of Fame.


A rising WWE star being honored the same night former WWE star Phil “CM Punk” Brooks got retired from his failed MMA career? Vince has to be laughing.

But this isn’t about petty scores. This is about the baddest woman on the planet. Ronda got a ton of people into MMA. My wife, who abhors violence and wrestling, tuned into every one of Ronda’s title defenses. That is the impact Rousey had.

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