Paul Heyman Goes Off!

Who will challenge Brock Lesnar for his Universial Title? The field is as open as it has been in a year. Kurt Angle announced that there would be a ‘multi-man’ match at Extreme Rules to determine The Beast’s next challenge. It is still unknown when that next challenge will come. The assumption is it will happen at SummerSlam. Angle has placed Roman Reigns, and Bobby Lashley in the contenders match already. But who else is joining them at ER? WWE sent out an innocent poll asking fans who they want to add to the match. That did not sit well with Lesnar’s “advocate” Paul Heyman. The Voice of The Beast took to Facebook and Twitter to denounce Angle and WWE’s social media team for thinking they had the power to dictate terms to Lesnar.


Paul Heyman is well known for the “shoot promo.” He made a career and revolutionized wrestling by going “off-script” and injecting bits of reality into the fantasy world of wrestling. The controversy will be addressed on the June 25th edition of Raw.

This tension is also reflected in Seth Rollins and others calling out Brock for failing to defend his title with any sort of regularity. Fans (especially Sandra) are tired of Lesnar and looking for him to drop the title soon. But who will take the belt from him? My money is on either Braun or Seth Rollins.

I love storylines like this. The bleeding of life and fantasy is what makes wrestling so appealing. I would expect Heyman to come out on Raw shortly and “shoot” on the roster as well as rumors that Lesnar already has one foot out the door.

But who will answer and stand toe-to-toe with the Advocate? Again, I think Rollins is in the best position. Roman Reigns needs to be elsewhere, but I think fans don’t want him in the Universal Title picture at this moment.

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