Kenny Omega Wants NJPW to Work With WWE

Kenny Omega might not ever be in WWE, but he certainly would like to work with WWE – because that’s what’s best for business.

Triple H excited a lot of fans recently when he said that WWE was open to hosting “cross-promotional events” with NJPW. During a media call promoting NJPW’s upcoming G1 Special in San Francisco, Omega was asked about Triple H’s comments – and The Cleaner said he’s on the exact same page:

“I definitely would want to see that,” he answered. “I think that nowadays, with the popularity and respect level of other sports — for example basketball, or baseball or soccer — I feel that it wouldn’t be out of place for pro wrestling to stand at the same level as those sports. And I think the only way we stand a chance at doing that is if we really band together and give them the best of the best.”

Noting that most fan “dream matches” are between people who compete in different promotions, Omega added, “I think that now is a very good opportunity to cash in on that. And I believe that both parties benefit.”

Listen to his comments below.

Omega isn’t wrong. Case in point: my personal dream match is Kenny Omega vs. Seth Rollins. And given that Omega and Rollins are among the biggest stars in their respective promotions, a working relationship between NJPW and WWE would be the best – if not only – way to make that dream match happen.

The good news is that cross-promotion between WWE and NJPW is technically already happening.

When Chris Jericho squared off against Omega at Wrestle Kingdom 12 in January, it was essentially a WWE vs. NJPW match. No, Jericho was not signed to WWE at the time – but everyone understood he was a “WWE guy.” That was certainly how Vince McMahon understood it, and it was precisely why he allowed Jericho to face Omega – because cross-promotion is good for business.

Just last week, The New Day took on The Elite in a Street Fighter tournament at E3. It might not have taken place inside a WWE or NJPW ring, but it was still cross-promotion. Indeed, The Elite vs. The New Day is a dream match for many.

Furthermore, as Omega states in the clip above, a working relationship between WWE and NJPW would go a long way toward ending the unfortunate “us vs. them” mentality that currently exists between fans of the two promotions. As a fan of both WWE and NJPW (I subscribe to both streaming services!), it disheartens me that so many fans feel a need to pick sides. Each promotion has its unique strengths, and each has something to offer the other. As the old aphorism goes, “a rising tide lifts all boats.” Wrestlers and wrestling fans alike could only benefit from a working relationship between WWE and NJPW.

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