Kane Returns! Team Hell No Is Back Together!

Daniel Bryan was in trouble. A grueling match against Luke Harper ended in a DQ as Erick Rowan rushed the ring. The Bludgeons Beatdown Bryan. But then. A flash of red. Fire. The sound of an organ. Could it be? BAH GAWD THAT’S GOTTA BE KANE!!!! The Big Red Machine returned to save his former tag partner!

Team Hell No is back!


Team Hell No is officially back as a tag team! They’re even getting a SmackDown Tag Title shot at Extreme Rules!!

I did not see this coming. I thought Bryan would be paired with The Miz in some weird “hate” tag team. Well, WWE just went back to the ORIGINAL “best frenemies” tag team! Team Hell No was a part of my falling back in love with wrestling. The weird chemistry and the awesome tag matches were so good! Now they’re back. This will probably be just for a few months as Kane is technically in the middle of his race for Knox County mayor. However, he won his primary handily and will face no serious opposition in the fall. Guess he can take a few months off to help a buddy out!


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