Holly Holm Comments on Ronda Rousey’s UFC Hall of Fame Induction

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Since it was announced at UFC 225 that Ronda Rousey is being inducted into the promotion’s Hall of Fame, some have questioned whether that decision was a tad hasty. But, Holly Holm has had nothing but good things to say about Rousey’s induction.

Due to what Rousey accomplished in her career, not too many people seem to be saying that “Rowdy” shouldn’t be inducted into the HoF. After all, Rousey was the first female champ in the UFC, and during her MMA run, not only did the Judoka become the biggest star in the sport, she was / is, one of the biggest names in the world, period.

At one point of Rousey’s championship reign, she won four straight fights in approximately two minutes…total. At that time, some observers were arguing that Rousey was the most dominant champ in combat sports.

But, since Rousey hasn’t officially said she’s done with MMA, and because her last bout was in 2016, some have wondered why the UFC is moving her into the HoF already. But, when Holm was asked about Rousey’s induction recently on “The MMA Hour“, the former champ had this to say (quotes via MMA Fighting):

“I didn’t actually watch that,” Holm said, while commenting on the fact the announcement was made during UFC 225, when she defeated Megan Anderson.  “I heard someone say ‘Oh Ronda is in the Hall of Fame’ and I just kind of, I didn’t think about it. Then afterwards everyone asked me about it and that was when I realized. I didn’t actually watch the part before I went out. I didn’t even, my head was in space when that was happening. I didn’t even really realize she was being inducted until after the fight.”

“I’m proud of her, I’m happy or her, I know that she was a dominant champion for a long time, so however they do things is something positive rather than negative. … I don’t have anything controversial or different or negative to say about it, I think she did a lot and she is a household name for what she did for the sport, so she should be recognized for that.”

Holm has always been extremely respectful and professional, so none of this could come as a surprise. Further, there was no doubt that Rousey was going to be inducted at some point anyways.

The decorated boxer ended Rousey’s historic run back in 2015, by knocking the star out with a second round, head kick.

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