Here’s The One Question I Have For Ronda Rousey’s Critics

Where are the Ronda Rousey haters now? Seriously. They disappeared. 80% converted into believers after Rousey’s debut at WrestleMania. The remaining 20% were waiting for her to have a singles match. Then she had her first singles match at Money In The Bank. She didn’t do it with some super-seasoned vet either. Nia Jax has wrestled less than five years. But the two put on a great match that told a good story. Nia proved herself to be a powerhouse and Ronda fought like she was a 10-year veteran.

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It was the 2nd best match of the night. The ending was perfect as well. You have to protect Ronda, and you cement Alexa Bliss as THE villain on the women’s roster. The next night on Raw, Alexa came out to gloat and mock Ronda. Big mistake. Rousey came out to the ring without the smile she’d worn in her first two matches. UFC Ronda was back. She stomped to the ring and demanded a shot at Alexa. She said nothing but her body language said everything. That’s when all hell broke loose.

Ronda judo-tossed Kurt Angle and beat Alexa within an inch of her life. Ronda struck Angle with the MITB briefcase and took out a few refs along the way. Not only is that unheard of for a female wrestler, but the number of male wrestlers allowed to do what Rousey did in that segment can be counted on one hand. Ronda was suspended for 30 days, meaning she’ll be off the next PPV. However, she’ll be ready to go for SummerSlam. This is the correct move. If WWE wants to cement it, Rousey shows up and beats the brakes off Bliss anyway.

Look at the views on that video. It will hit 3 million by the end of the day. And the video of Ronda tapping Nia with the armbar on the Raw before MITB? 5 million views.

There is no doubt. Ronda Rousey is a bonafide WWE star. You can’t credibly say her debut has been nothing but a homerun success. She picked up wrestling in months when it often takes some of the best in the world years to get it. At a fundamental level, Ronda is so good and so ahead of where she should be. Imagine where she’ll be in a year. Or five years.

Where can she improve? Well, she’s not great on the mic. But her physical charisma more than compensates for lack of speaking skills.

But if you’re still doubting Ronda, here is a non-rhetorical question. What does she have left to prove to you? 

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