Enzo Amore Reveals What Was Planned For Storyline With Nia Jax

Back in December 2017, then-WWE Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore was involved in a budding onscreen romance with Nia Jax. It was strange, it was unexpected, and it piqued everyone’s interest.

Unfortunately, Amore was released from WWE¬†amid an alleged sexual assault investigation before we could find out where in the world the storyline was going. But now that he’s been cleared of all charges, Amore has revealed what was supposed to transpire between him and Jax.

During the time period when Jax was wooing Amore, Amore’s character was going through a transitional phase, slowly turning from a scrappy fan favorite to an arrogant bad guy. And, as Amore told the Store Horseman podcast last week, Vince McMahon himself intended to use Jax to turn Amore full-blown heel.

Here’s a transcript of Amore’s comments, courtesy of Wrestling Inc.:

I mean look at that Nia / Alexa Bliss WrestleMania blow-off. What do you think was gonna happen? How else could I get full-blown heat? Enzo Amore with the grey area trying to get full-blown heel real, real f–king heat. How do you do that? I’m using Nia as a heater to keep my title and I get caught hooking up with her best friend backstage. Bang, that’s how you do it. Nia didn’t know that. Alexa didn’t know it. I knew that because Vince told me […] I was just toying along with her I wanted her to win me matches, I wanted her to be like Chyna.”

While it certainly seems fishy that Vince would only tell Amore about these plans, from a storyline perspective it makes sense. By the time Jax started flirting with Amore, her friendship with Bliss was already on the rocks. If Amore “hooked up” with Bliss, it would simultaneously turn him heel and add fuel to the budding feud between Jax and Bliss.

That being said, I’m sincerely glad that that version of events didn’t come to pass.

Had Amore been used as the catalyst to ignite the WrestleMania 34 match between Bliss and Jax, we would have gotten the same old stereotypical story about two girls fighting over a boy. However, because WWE was forced to move forward without Amore, we instead got a much more meaningful story about bullying and body-shaming. Indeed, the feud between Jax and Bliss resonated on a much deeper level than it would have if they were just fighting over Amore.

Of course, that’s not to say that I’m glad Amore was fired – the circumstances surrounding his release were messy and unfortunate. However, if there’s one good thing that came from it, it (apparently) was the feud between Jax and Bliss.

Do you agree that the Nia Jax/Alexa Bliss feud was better without Enzo Amore?

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