WWF Legend Severely Beaten Near Home

Tom Magee, a former WWF wrestler considered one of the biggest busts in history, was severely beaten over a parking dispute near his home in California. Neighbors describe Magee as a neighborhood watchdog who confronted six men over a parking spot. But things took a turn for the former champion powerlifter. Here’s more of the story via CBS.

Magee suffered a broken jaw, broken eye socket and concussion.

“It was sort of a conflict over who was allowed to park in this spot,” Noxxel said.

A neighbor who was a witness but didn’t want to show her face on camera described the horrendous scene.

“They were literally kicking him, punching him in the face and in the head,” said the neighbor.

She said six men were involved in the attack. When neighbors came out to see what was going on, the men took off.

Who is Tom Magee?

Magee is a former powerlifter who made the transition to wrestling in 1986. He is considered one of the greatest “What-Ifs” in wrestling history. He was little more than a mid-carder and jobber but WWF insiders thought that his strength and athleticism would catapult┬áhim to the top of the card. He is the subject of an urban legend involving Bret Hart and one of the greatest unseen matches of all time.

In a dark match held during October 1986 television tapings in Rochester, New York, the ‘Excellence of Execution’ gave Magee a match so good, he later wrote that Vince loudly trumpeted the starlet as his ‘Next Champion’ as the pair got backstage.

But the match has never been seen. It isn’t on the WWE network or Youtube. In fact, when WWE wrestlers have tried to request the tape to study it, it has been unavailable. Here is a match he had with Arn Anderson.


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