Update On Brock Lesnar’s Next Title Defense

Even though Brock Lesnar did not defend his title at Backlash, there is some news regarding his next title defense. Despite some uninteresting matches over the past couple of months, Brock Lesnar is still the WWE Universal Champion. So, what is in the cards for Brock Lesnar? Let’s find out!

Brock Lesnar Not on Raw Until May 21?

update brock lesnar's next title defense

According the British media channel Express, there is a distinct possibility Brock Lesnar will not appear on WWE television until the 21st of May, more specifically on the Raw show in Albany, New York.

Considering the time Lesnar is scheduled to appear on Monday Night Raw, it leads me to think that he will defend his title at Money in the Bank. In other words, us fans will not see much of the “prestigious” title until June 17!

Rumored Opponents for Brock Lesnar at Money in the Bank?

update brock lesnar's next title defense

There are plenty of rumors regarding Lesnar’s opponent for Money in the Bank. However, the lack of a concrete opponent makes me think the WWE has not decided yet. The two names that are out there at the moment are Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns.

Strowman taking on Lesnar for the title could mean the end of a terrible championship reign. Of course, it is no guarantee the WWE will go ahead with Strowman. They might choose Reigns to take on Lesnar, which could mean we’ll get stuck with another Lesnar versus Reigns match.

Brock Could Break CM Punk’s Record

update brock lesnar's next title defense

There is even worse news for wrestling fans who appreciate decent wrestling. If Brock Lesnar retains until Money in the Bank, he will break CM Punk’s record as longest reigning champion in the modern era.

CM Punk currently holds the record of longest reigning champ in the modern era. His championship reign spanned 434 days and ended early 2013.

No Contract in Place for Summerslam

update brock lesnar's next title defense

If the Wrestling Observer Newsletter is to be believed, Brock Lesnar is not signed yet for Summerslam. In theory, this means there is a possibility Lesnar finally loses the title.

The original plan was for Lesnar to lose the title at WrestleMania. However, the WWE changed their plans last minute, leading Lesnar to retain the title for much longer. Given the WWE’s fickleness with their plans lately, I hope this time Lesnar will indeed lose that championship belt.

Many believe Brock Lesnar’s return to the Octagon is imminent. To be honest, I hope it is, because I am not interested in more Brock Lesnar matches. Your turn WWE!

What do you think about the fact Brock Lesnar might not appear for a couple of weeks? Do you think he might finally lose the title belt? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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