Triple H Has Wrestled 33 Out of 50 WWE Champions In History

Triple H is The Game. The King of Kings. Those are more than just nicknames. Trips worse from WCW mid-carder to become one of the biggest stars in WWE history. Now he sits atop the WWE as the heir apparent to Vince McMahon. He is without question one of the most influential minds and wrestlers in the history of the business. That he still wrestlers today at 48 and in phenomenal shape is a testament to his legacy.

But Reddit user WrasslingIsCool1 collected this series of stats that prove The Game is a long one. Triple H has wrestled 33 out of 49 WWE champions in the history of the company! What a feat!

Triple H vs the Champions

“HHH vs Hulk Hogan eg: Backlash 2002

HHH vs Ultimate Warrior eg: WM 12

HHH vs John Cena eg: WM 22

HHH vs Randy Orton eg: WM 25

HHH vs HBK eg: Summerslam 2002

HHH vs Bret Hart eg: Raw 1997

HHH vs Psycho Sid eg: Raw 1996

HHH vs Brock Lesnar eg: WM 29

HHH vs Stone Cold Steve Austin eg: No Way Out 2001

HHH vs CM Punk eg: Night Of Champions 2011

HHH vs The Rock eg: Backlash 2000

HHH vs Kevin Nash eg: TLC 2012

HHH vs Kurt Angle eg: No Way Out 2002

HHH vs JBL eg: Raw 2008

HHH vs The Undertaker eg: WM 28

HHH vs Seth Rollins eg: WM 33

HHH vs Sheamus eg: WM 26

HHH vs Jinder Mahal eg: Live Event Delhi

HHH vs Edge eg: Great American Bash 2008

HHH vs Eddie Guerrero eg: Raw 2004

HHH vs Roman Reigns eg: WM 32

HHH vs Ric Flair eg: Survivor Series 2005

HHH vs Chris Jericho eg: WM 18

HHH vs Dean Ambrose eg: Roadblock 2016

HHH vs Big Show eg: Raw 1999

HHH vs Daniel Bryan eg: WM 30

HHH vs Sgt Slaughter eg: Boot camp match,In your House

HHH vs Mick Foley eg: Royal Rumble 2000

HHH vs Jeff Hardy eg: Cyber Sunday 2008

HHH vs Batista eg: WM 21

HHH vs RVD eg : Unforgiven 2002

HHH vs Vince McMahon eg: Armageddon 1999

HHH vs Kane eg: No Mercy 2002

Potential Opponents That HHH could add to the list one day

•The Miz •AJ Styles •Rey Mysterio •Bray Wyatt”

Of those four missing champions, I would expect Trips is most likely to wrestle AJ Styles. Creator/Destroyer HHH likes to put himself up against the hottest talent. Hard to think of a hotter guy than current WWE Champion and probably best wrestler on the planet earth at the moment, AJ Styles.

That is incredibly impressive. There are a lot of detractors about Triple H and his legacy, and some of them have a point. But you can’t deny that he’s performed at a top-level for over 20 years.

The future of the WWE is in good hands. Triple H’s baby, NXT, has grown into an underground and viral brand that often puts on shows better than the main roster does. Trips has also noted his desire to make NXT a truly global brand with territories all over the world. The WWE is going to a global brand for years to come. A lot of that is thanks to The Game.

Its still time to play the game! Share your thoughts on Triple H in the comment section below.

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