Titus O’Neil Punched A WWE Legend In Anger After His Infamous Slide

I must admit, Titus O’Neill hitting the deck at the Greatest Royal Rumble was my favorite moment of the night at the Greatest Royal Rumble. While it was not a planned move, I was in fits for a good half an hour.  Check it out below before you check the memes and gifs we found! And keep scrolling for the story of who Titus took out his embarrassment and frustration on.

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Fans around the world loved Titus’ little mishap at the Greatest Royal Rumble. It has led to the creation of many funny memes. So, without further ado, I would like to introduce to you, the birth of TITUS WORLDSLIDE!

A lot of the gifs and mems reference the infamous Shockmaster fall.

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Who Did Titus Take The Fall Out On?

Despite the laughs by commentary and the entire Internet, Titus himself wasn’t too pleased and he took his anger out on crowd favorite Daniel Bryan. Here’s DB describing incurring the wrath of Titus WorldSLIDE (h/t ProWrestlingSheet and Inside The Ropes)

“Titus slides into the ring and punches me in the face like really hard,” Bryan said. “He’s got these big, huge hands and it’s like ‘boom.’ I’m like ‘woah, what happened?’ I was like enraged and I was going to kick him in the face.”

Before he was able to deliver a receipt, Bryan realized what happened

“I glance up and you see the tron and they played it like twelve times in a row of him tripping, falling and sliding, under the ring,” Bryan recalled. “I’m like ‘you know what? I understand. I’m going to go over here. I’m going to leave him be.”

After all these brilliant memes and gifs, I only have one thing to say. TITUS O’Neill YOU LEGEND!