The Real Story Behind “Bah Gawd That’s Kane’s Music!”

What if I told you one of the most enduring wrestling memes wasn’t based on the moment you thought it was. What if the power of nostalgia and fuzzy memory mixed to form the perfect moment in WWE history that never happened? Prepare to have your mind shattered and assumptions buried 6 feet under.  Like “Beam Me Up Scotty” or “Luke, I am your Father“, “Bah Gawd That’s Kane’s Music” never happened…at least in the way you think it did.

You’ve seen versions of the “Bah Gawd that’s *insert person* music” on Twitter in various forms.


Most people tend to think it originated with this moment, Kane’s WWF debut.

But listen to that. It isn’t “Bah Gawd That’s Kane’s music!” said by Jim Ross it is “That’s…That’s Gotta Be Kane!” said by Vince McMahon. Jim Ross is on the call, but he isn’t freaking out. The closest I could find to JR making that call is when Kane appears and sets his brother on fire.

Or perhaps this moment when Kane and Paul Bearer make another surprise return.


Plus, Jim Ross definitely says “Bah/Oh My Gawd” a lot. It has become a meme in of itself. It is easy to imagine why people get confused over this.


So where did “That’s X’s music!” originate? I believe it originally comes from WrestleMania 8, with the Ultimate Warrior saving Hulk Hogan from Sid Justice and Papa Shango. The Hulkster was down for the count as the two villains beat him down in the ring. But suddenly, a guitar and cymbal crash through the arena and it is Gorilla Monsoon who issues the famous line “That’s the Warrior’s music!” (scroll to 8:45)

Some people get it sort of right…

So, in conclusion, the line “Bawh God that’s Kane’s music” never really happened. Instead, we have a mix of Vince yelling about Kane’s debut, JR’s general craziness whenever Kane would hit the ring, and Gorilla Monsoon freaking out over the Warrior’s save of Hulk Hogan.

Knowing how the Internet works, I expect for someone to find the video of JR saying “Bah Gawd That’s Kane’s Music” and me having to re-write this entire article. But until then here’s your answer!

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