Spot-Fest Sasha Banks Needs To Calm Down For MITB

On the May 28th Monday Night Raw, Sasha Banks won a gauntlet match to earn the coveted eighth and final spot in the women’s Money in the Bank ladder match.

Banks submitted Ruby Riott via the Banks Statement – and as you can see in the photo above, the Boss appeared to be nursing her shoulder/neck/collarbone following her victory, most likely due to a brutal springboard DDT she suffered at the hands of Riott.


Was it a cool spot? Of course, it was. Did it look like it was one slight misstep away from being a nasty botch? You betcha. But this is Sasha Banks we’re talking about here – she has a lengthy history of scaring the crap out of us. And if she’s going to survive the MITB ladder match, she would do well to calm it down.

Spot-Fest Sasha

Before I go on, I am in no way implying or arguing that Sasha Banks is not a good wrestler. She’s better than most – but she also takes more risks than most. Often she only jescapes with her life.

The scariest botch Banks has ever had occurred in January. While attempting a suicide dive on Asuka, she got caught up in the ropes and appeared to narrowly avoid breaking her neck.


The spot was so terrifying that even Mick Foley, the king of stupid stunts, implored her to stop attempting the move.


When the man who threw himself from the top of Hell in Cell tells you that you should stop attempting a move, you might want to listen. But even without the suicide dive, Banks has found myriad other ways to put herself in danger.

Furthermore, the women’s MITB match will be both Banks’ first MITB match and her first ladder match – and there’s possibly no match more ripe for potential danger than a ladder match. Just ask Joey Mercury.

In the pro wrestling industry, safety is paramount; a wrestler’s physical health is his or her entire livelihood. In Money in the Bank, Sasha Banks needs to take better care to protect that livelihood – her fans would very much appreciate it.

Do you think Sasha Banks takes too many risks? Share your thoughts below!

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